Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Found Treasure

I'm still rummaging around in the storage shed, going through Mama's collections.  I ran into a box full of these tumblers, each still in it's individual original box!  There are nine of them, all in mint condition.  

I did some research and discovered that these glasses were given to new customers by banks.  Remember when banks gave toasters as incentives?  The tumblers were the incentive gifts in the 1980's.  

Now, I hated the 1980's (for my own personal reasons), but apparently Mama loved the banks in that era, because how else could she have collected these?  Wait!  I know!  Mama had five sisters and I bet they ganged up on the banks (they were always helping each other get free stuff).

Check out these and other crystal items I have to offer on my eCrater store.  I also offer a variety of vintage glass, pottery and china.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Tupperware Is In Demand

Vintage Almond Tupperware Serve-It-All

In two days, I have sold two of my vintage Tupperware items.  It seems that vintage Tupperware is in demand!  Don't miss out on this great Serve-It-All.  It is a three piece set.  The "plates" are 9.5" diameter and is perfect as a pie, cake, veggie, or desert server.  The pedestal also doubles as a reversible "cup," which holds 7 ounces on one side and 12 ounces on the other side.

There is slight damage on the outside lip of one of the plates.  Because of this, I have 
        reduced the price.  So hurry before someone else snaps it up!


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Mama's Collection

By the time Mama could afford to travel, she didn't want to.  But she had a niece who traveled, and she returned with a souvenir for Mama each time.  By the time she died in 1985, Mama had a fairly large collection of souvenirs from various states in the U. S. and European countries.

Having no family to pass it down to, I am offering for sale this lovely Kentucky souvenir demitasse cup and matching saucer for sale on my eCrater store.  The colors are vibrant and there are no chips, cracks, or repairs.  The set would be a nice addition for a collector.

Vintage Kentucky Souvenir Demitasse-cup-and-saucer

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Patio and Outdoor Dining

Vintage Tupperware Divided Vegetable/Relish Server

This spring has been unusual in Folkston.  By now the temperatures are usually soaring toward 100 degrees with humidity that makes the outdoors feel like a sauna.  But this spring the temperatures have been mild with pleasant breezes and few insects.

In other words, the weather is perfect for picnics and/or outdoor dining.  The Tupperware server pictured below is perfect for outings or patio cookouts.  The lid can be filled with ice and the segmented compartment fits over it to keep veggies/relishes and dressing cool. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Reminds Me of Mama

Mama loved carnival glass and vintage glass.  As I get older, I better understand her reasons.  The sherbert glasses and matching saucers take me back to her dining table and wonderful deserts (only after our meal was eaten, of course!).

This set of four are in pristine condition, with the exception of one sherbert dish, which has flea bites around the lip.  Each dish and saucer can be purchased separately if desired, but I strongly urge buying the entire lot. 

Vintage Round Robin Iridescent Sherbet and Saucer Set

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beauty for the Eyes and Ears

This lovely vintage piano-shaped music box is so pretty to look at.  It also plays "Evergreen."  It's in excellent condition and I would love for it to have a good home.

Visit my Bonanza store to see more about this music box as well as other beautiful vintage items.

Piano Shaped Vintage Music Box